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Find Local Movers Fort Worth

Find Local Movers Fort Worth

Find any local mover in the Fort Worth Area

Find Local Movers Fort Worth

Top Rated Cheap Local Movers in Fort Worth

Below are the highest rated local movers in the Fort Worth area. These companies are notorious for being the best and delivering the best possible quality. They work hard and efficiently in order to make their customer happy!

Local Movers in Fort Worth near me

Fort Worth is home to about 5 mover companies. Even though there are not a whole lot of options, each and every one of these movers are well respected and do a great job every time. Finding a local mover in the Fort Worth area is simple and easy. Each mover has their own company and with one call or click away, you already have half of he work done.

Local Movers in Fort Worth

Why Use Local Moving Companies?

Moving and packing is labor-intensive, so if you decide against hiring a moving company you’ll need some help. This means calling in lots of favors from friends and relatives. If you don’t have too many belongings and nothing particularly valuable or fragile to move your friends might well suffice. If you do have a considerable inventory to transport and some of it is quite valuable or irreplaceable, think twice. Good friends are not necessarily experienced movers and are most always not insured for damages that may incur during a move. If your best friends drop your flat screen TV, will you sue them for compensation? Not likely! Professional movers can save you a lot of stress and you might be surprised how affordable full service moving can be.

Local Movers Fort Worth


Can you picture yourself driving your rental truck off the lot and onto the highway with some degree of comfort and confidence? Unless you’re a professional driver, the answer is probably no. These are big, heavy vehicles that are harder to steer and require much more caution while braking, turning, merging and most other aspects of driving. Now imagine you’re also exhausted from packing and loading the truck before you’ve even hit the road… Unless you are not traveling a great distance and can fit your belongings into a pickup, van or other types of smallish truck it might be better to call in the pros.

Local Movers Fort Worth


Many people laugh at the idea of hiring a moving company because they have the misconception that full service moving companies are expensive. In reality, they are not as expensive as they seem. In fact, if you compare local moving companies, you will find that most companies have very reasonable rates considering the time, effort and skill they put into making your move smooth and trouble-free.

Local Movers Fort Worth

5 reasons why hiring a moving company isn’t as expensive it seems

  1. Time

    Think of the time it will take you to pack your belongings, load them into your car or rental truck, drive all the way to your new address, unload the cargo and move them into their designated place. Moving companies handle all of this within a given time frame and mostly without a hitch.

  1. Effort

    Moving requires you to put in so much effort that you may neglect other responsibilities, which can be costly if things go wrong. By taking all the responsibilities on themselves, moving companies leave you free to concentrate on other important tasks.

  1. Skills

    Organizing a move requires a number of different skills that you may not have. When moving on your own, you may have to hire help to pack and load your belongings. Ultimately, their combined costs may be more than what a moving company would charge you for the entire package.

  1. Delays

    Delays can be costly especially if you are stuck for hours in the middle of a highway wasting fuel. With a moving company taking care of your belongings, you can travel in your own vehicle without worrying about missing important meetings and appointments. Since they usually have a fleet of trucks at their disposal, they can handle any breakdowns and other causes of delays quickly.

  1. Insurance

    What happens if you get into an accident and your belongings are damaged, lost or stolen? No matter how careful you are, you cannot completely eliminate the chances of mishaps happening. When you hire a professional moving company you can purchase additional insurance to cover potential damages so that you won’t have to worry about accidents.

Why Fort Worth Moving Companies are Better Than Renting a Truck

  • Logistics – Weekends are expensive and the busiest time for rental companies, making it difficult to rent a truck when the most friends will be available to help you.
  • High Gas Costs – When comparing the costs of renting a truck versus hiring moving company, don’t forget to calculate how much money you will spend on gas for the truck. A professional moving company might be a better bargain with those costs figured in.
  • Liability – Auto insurance policies often don’t provide coverage for rental trucks, and the renter is liable for any damage caused to the truck, by the truck, or for any bodily injuries. Keep in mind that rental trucks can exceed $50,000 in value. Opt for the rental company’s offered insurance coverage.
  • Added charges – Have you seen the ads for moving trucks, showing a low rate between $19.99 and $49.99? On the surface, this sounds like an awesome deal! However, digging deeper will show that price might come with hidden charges and is often for less than 24 hours, and does not include a hefty per-mile charge that will be added upon return. Additionally, returning the truck with less fuel than it had when checked out will add a premium charge for refueling. Expect these charges to be billed directly to the credit card provided upon pickup.
  • Drivers – Every person who might conceivably drive the truck needs to be listed on the contract, even if it costs extra, especially for long-distance relocation.
  • Credit – Rental truck companies will expect a credit card with a sufficient available balance to rent the moving truck. In the absence of available credit, they might ask you to undergo a credit check and/or deposit cash before they allow the truck to be driven from their lot.
  • Lack of help – If your strongest buddies don’t show up, moving can be physically taxing! You’ve likely spent significant time packing already; expending the energy to move your belongings onto the truck, and removing them at the other end, requires significant strength and energy.

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